The overall assessment of applications is divided into two stages to correlate with the application process. Screening and shortlisting of applicants based on their concept notes and self-assessment checklist on fiduciary risk will take place first. Thereafter only shortlisted applicants will be contacted to submit a detailed budget and logical framework, as well as other supporting documents as required.

Kindly note that in addition to technical merits of an application, an applicant also needs to fulfil formal administrative requirements in order to receive a GIZ grant agreement.

Applications will undergo a thorough technical assessment. The DRM Fund Secretariat, the Fund’s Governing Committee and the panel of experts all participate in the assessment and selection of applications.

Technical assessment of applications:

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted by the DRM Fund Secretariat to submit further documentation to supplement their applications.

  • The full technical assessment will take into account the concept note, logical framework and detailed budget submitted by applicants.
  • The following criteria will be applied in the technical assessment:
    1. Innovation: the project seeks to develop or adapt new solutions to tackle persisting problems related to domestic revenue mobilisation.
    2. Relevance: the proposed project is needs oriented and considers the local context in which it is to be implemented.
    3. Effectiveness: feasibility and effectiveness of the project will be taken into consideration. Project needs to demonstrate technical consistency and coherence; where objectives, indicators and activities are harmonised. And continuous monitoring is assured.
    4. Efficiency: application should demonstrate sound project management with clearly defined responsibilities; appropriate scheduling and financial planning; funding to be used efficiently and appropriately.
    5. Sustainability: the proposed project should pursue a long-term vision, and focuses on institutional strengthening through capacity building and process optimisation.
    • The panel of experts will provide recommendations to the DRM Fund's Governing Committee on the technical assessment.

    Final selection of applications

    The DRM Innovation Fund’s Governing Committee will make the final funding decisions based on:

    • Recommendations from the panel of experts on the technical assessments
    • Pool of available funding.