About the Fund

The DRM Innovation Fund is a multi-donor financing facility that aims to enhance domestic revenue mobilisation in partner countries, by awarding short-term funding to innovative projects to tackle persistent DRM related issues in developing countries in Africa on a demand driven basis. The DRM Innovation Fund fills a funding gap that has not been addressed so far and responds to a request for innovation financing that has been expressed by many African tax officials. African tax experts should play a strong role in managing the fund in order to ensure strong African ownership.

All project proposals will be evaluated against pre-agreed criteria by the DRM Innovation Fund’s governance structure with assistance from the Fund Secretariat and a pool of expert.

The Fund is facilitated by the International Tax Compact (ITC). As an informal and action-oriented platform, the ITC brings together a broad variety of development actors, including policymakers, experts, academics and civil society leaders working in the field of development and taxation. By combining their strengths and pooling the available capacities and resources, the ITC adds value to initiatives in the field of taxation and development without duplicating existing structures and efforts.

The Governance Structure

The DRM Innovation Fund is established with a three-layer governance structure. Each layer has its own organisational entity with a specific function and responsibility in the management of the Fund and each entity supports the others. The Fund’s entities are a Governing Committee, a Steering Board and a Secretariat. The tasks between the different governance entities are shared the following way:

Governing Commitee

The Fund will have a Governing Committee, which will be responsible for the overall strategy and policy and the final approval of funding decisions. The Governing Commitee’s core tasks include:

  • Approval of the Fund’s governance structure, processes and procedures, and definition of strategic priorities.
  • Decision on eligibility and project selection criteria, in collaboration with the Steering Board.
  • Provision of comments and, if necessary, objections on submitted proposals.
  • Final approval of funding decisions, based on recommendations from the Steering Board.
  • Approval of the composition and the members of the Governing Committee.
  • Appointment of Steering Board and Governing Committee members.
  • Approval of annual budgets and reports submitted by the Fund Secretariat.
  • Approval of additional funding provided by other development partners.
  • Advocacy to advance the Fund’s objectives and to disseminate lessons learnt from the innovation projects.

The Steering Board

The Fund will also have a Steering Board, which is responsible for the operational management of the Fund and provides advice and support to the Governing Committee and the Fund Secretariat. The Steering Board’s core tasks include:

  • Decision on the Fund’s eligibility and selection criteria as well as the application, selection and approval process, in collaboration with the Governing Committee.
  • Recommendations to the Governing Committee of new members for the Steering Board.
  • Proposition of focus topics and/or focus regions for calls for proposals.
  • Provision of feedback on project proposals and appraisals of project reports to the Fund Secretariat.
  • Selection of project proposals, based on previous appraisals of the Fund Secretariat.
  • Approval of project reports.
  • Advocacy to advance the Fund’s objectives and to disseminate lessons learnt from the innovation projects.

The Members of the Steering Board are meant to be representatives from public entities, academia, think tanks, civil society and private sector organisations as well as experts in innovation and public finance in Africa.

The DRM Innovation Fund Secretariat

The Fund Secretariat is responsible for the Fund’s operation work. This includes coordinating and implementing the activities in the DRM Innovation Fund’s work plan and reporting to the Governing Committee and Steering Board. The Secretariat is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) und the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), and facilitated by the International Tax Compact (ITC). Its core tasks include:

  • Execution of the Governing Committee’s and the Steering Board’s decisions.
  • Preparation of operation rules, processes, procedures and instructions.
  • Preparation of budgets, work plans, annual reports.
  • Execution of the Fund’s work plans.
  • Support to the (co-) chairs of the Governing Committee and the Steering Board.
  • Provision of advice and support to the applying institutions in the preparation of proposals.
  • Preparation of project appraisals and support of the selection process.
  • Preparation of grant agreements, service contracts or other types of support, depending on the needs of the recipients.
  • Examination of project reports and preparation of recommendations for the Steering Board.
  • Financial management of the Fund’s resources.
  • Communication and public relations.
  • Acquisition of additional funds for current and future funding cycles.

The DRM Innovation Fund Secretariat is located in Pretoria, South Africa.

Tatu Ilunga
(Fund Manager)

DRM Innovation Fund Secretariat
at GIZ Office Pretoria
Deutsche Gesellschaft für
Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
P.O. Box 13732, Hatfield, 0028
Hatfield Gardens, Block C, Ground Floor
333 Grosvenor Street, 0083
Hatfield, Pretoria